Freezing, Thawing available locally or for shipping.


Freezing, Thawing: New Book of Midwest Humor and Reflection from Local Author-Sycamore, IL

“The Upper Midwest has just two seasons: freezing and thawing,” according to Sycamore, Illinois author and illustrator Kyle L. White. “Being under the mercy and mystery of that reality, Midwesterners have come to be marked by humility, humor, and neighborliness.” His new book Freezing, Thawing: New & Revised Stories from the Midwest, reflects that place and those people.

Freezing, Thawing is composed of humorous and reflective nonfiction essays and poems. These include new pieces, as well as revised selections from his previous Midwest collections: Winter is Scissors (2018), Neighbor As Yourself (2016), and Wisconsin River of Grace (Cornerstone Press, 2009).

White has been a featured author and speaker at the Sterling North Book & Film Festival in Wisconsin, and the Northern Illinois Big 12 Literary Festival. Wisconsin River of Grace was chosen for Northern Public Radio’s Winter Book Series.  And Neighbor As Yourself  was featured in Northern Public Radio’s #ReadWithMe series.

The author will host a Facebook Live reading event mid-November. Details can be found on Instagram and Facebook at @KyleWhiteInk

Freezing, Thawing will be available at KyleWhiteInk.com through December 10, and then on Amazon.

Freezing, Thawing available locally or for shipping.

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“There’s a sweet simplicity to the illustrations and the bite-sized haiku presented in Kyle L. White’s ‘field journal.’ This alone will hook readers looking for an enjoyable journey into the wildness at the heart of human nature. But more significant is the profound literary, spiritual, and introspective journey that awaits readers with tranquil reflection and reconsideration.
“The haiku form is a perfect choice for White’s exploration of life’s most basic existential questions. Stripped down, demanding attention to repetitive patterns, the form itself speaks volumes about what White is up to here. His questions–our questions really–are posed unobtrusively and the answers come softly. Whispered through his words and illustrations, they ultimately reveal a transcendent spirituality, a love of the untamed natural world, and a recognition of the grace provided us daily when forbearance is offered and accepted.” -Amazon Review

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10 Years of WRofG


“You’ll never find a book that better describes Wisconsin than this one.”-Dan Dieterich, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Professor of English. This month marks the 10th anniversary of “Wisconsin River of Grace” (Cornerstone Press) being published. WRofG was featured in Northern Public Radio’s 2012 Winter Book Series.For 10 days watch for contests, broadcasts, specials, & more on FB & IG: @KyleWhiteInk . WRofG is available at www.Amazon.com

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What’s your Enneagram number? Uh, what’s the Enneagram? It’s a tool (like Myers-Briggs or Strength Finder) for understanding ourselves and others that can be valuable for personal growth. At the very least, it’s a great conversation starter with friends. You can read more about the Enneagram here. Consider Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery as a starting place.

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Got to read “Haiti! Up!” with some 4th grade classes last week. Great discussion as they’re the same age as the main character. The purpose of the book is to tell the story of our beautiful & broken neighbor: Haiti. The book benefits a children’s home and school in Mirebalais, Haiti. Click the link on the menu to order a copy for your kids, school, church, or library.

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Click Above on “Haiti! Up! Order…” Tab…