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I’ll be reading & speaking at Edgerton, Wisconsin’s Sterling North Book & Film Festival, October 27 & 28. More info here: Book&FilmFest  Books, prints, and stickers available for purchase.   Join:  Instagram Facebook  Twitter 

Summer Reading

Get your copy today! Click here. Or, pick up a signed copy at Book World in DeKalb, Illinois, or at shows.bird NasY

Feels Like Summer

This makes it feel like summer: a private, out-of-doors show with stories from Kyle, and music from Greg Wheaton & Kim Wheaton. Watch for more shows and appearances!fox stars j

nasy-twitter “For our thinking that everything lasts forever: grant us mercy. And, one more day of 45% relative humidity. Amen.”

Humorous and reflective, Neighbor As Yourself is a collection of Midwest essays & poetry on love, death, and God. Click here to order your copy today! Or, pick-up a signed copy at local events!

Praise for Kyle L. White’s first book, Wisconsin River of Grace (Cornerstone Press, 2009):

“You’ll never find a book that better describes Wisconsin than this one.”-Dan Dieterich, Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

“Now is the time to read Wisconsin River of Grace.”-Door County Style magazine

“…Strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia, insight, and humor.”-Amazon Review

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Raven redbubble

Ravens! Whales! Squid! Peg legs! Sconnies! Saints, and more! Kyle White Ink prints, t-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc., at my online shops:
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Easter Evening Show

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